Here’s what your school purchase includes: Pit Bulls “Up In Smoke”®™ Barbecue School Videos:

On your first turn-in category, Chicken, we walk you through the process surrounding a KCBS competition.  Step-by-step – from purchasing your chicken, to prepping, seasoning, cooking, and turn-in – you’ll learn how to create an award-winning end product that the judges are sure to love.

Moving on to your second turn-in category, Ribs, we will teach you what to look for in a quality rack, proper preparation for the contest, seasoning, cooking and turn-in.  Ribs demand respect and attention to detail throughout the cook process – pay close attention to the video and you will be amazed at how wonderfully “spot on” those ribs will be when you turn them in for judging.

Ah yes, the infamous butts…your third turn-in category of a competition.  In this video, you will learn all the pork particulars: from shopping and prepping to injecting, seasoning, cooking and turn-in.  A little TLC for that turn-in box will go a long way when it comes time for the judges to take their share and give you the score you are looking for.

The King of the Competition – the brisket – your fourth and final turn-in category.  You cannot skimp on this one; for your brisket demands the utmost respect and love during the prep and the cook if you want a perfectly cooked meat.  You’ll learn what to look for in a quality brisket, as well as all the tricks we’ve learned for prepping, injecting, seasoning. By the time it comes to the cook process, you’ll have the seasoned knowledge of a pro!  It’s no surprise that brisket is often the most challenging category for beginners – it can often be temperamental throughout a cook.  With our video and some practice, your “brisket anxiety” will be cured and you’ll be turning in a fantastic product worthy of a great score.

The basis to all of your turn-ins is preparing your turn-in box for your meat categories.  Each one is typically individualized to the category you are turning in.  In this video, we give you the basis to building a great turn-in box worthy of those wonderful meats you are turning in.  This step is just as crucial as the rest of the process – you don’t want appearance scores affecting your overall score.  Watch, listen, and practice! Practice! Practice!

      1. Award-winning recipes for marinades and injections
      2. Tips and guides for cook temps and times
      3. Recipes for homemade, crowd-pleasing side dishes
      4. Additional barbecue school videos … as we learn more, so will you!


The deal is as unbeatable as our barbecue!

From time to time, we will be adding additional videos on different subjects pertaining to barbecue and the professional cook.  These videos will be available to you just as our instructional videos are.  This is not a membership or a club.  Once you purchase a class, you will have unlimited access to that class.  You will have access to all of the above, at any time, with the purchase of your class.