Danny Coogle, PitMaster for our KCBS competition cook team, loves telling our story …

The desire to barbecue was engraved in me at a very early age.  As a young boy, I spent many hours cooking pigs on a spit over an open fire at the direction of my uncle.  My wife always used to say “Danny, you missed your calling…You should have been a chef.”  Perhaps she was right, but professional competition barbecue is where I have found my calling and I love what we do.

Here’s What Other’s Are Saying About Pit Bulls BBQ School:

  • “Just wanted to thank the both of you Rebecca and Danny for the pitbullsupinsmoke online school. I give credit to the online class for my results this weekend in my first KCBS backyard competition in Cornelia, Georgia. My chicken placed 1st, my ribs placed 3rd and come away as the grand champion in the backyard division. I will post some pictures for you both to see and if you have any advice good or bad please let me know. Thanks again!” ~Jason Williams, Cleveland, GA
  • “I just wanted to say thank you to you. I got a 5th place call and a 6 th place call at a 100 team contest this weekend since signing up for the pit bulls online school. Used the brisket injection and i really liked it. I watched the videos again just before I left for the contest to help refresh and not to miss anything. Thanks again!” ~ S. Porter, Pontotoc, MS
  • “I owe Danny an apology.  He was right, about having video to watch over and over and not having to take notes in a class environment.  Did that and it did not work for me.  If I left something off or could not read my own writing, I was lost.   Pit Bulls Up In Smoke Q School allows you to take notes if you desire and most importantly allows you to play the video  and prep at the same time with the luxury of stopping and replaying at your pace.  It’s like having your own Professional BBQ Pitmaster teaching you one-on-one.   Pit Bulls Up In Smoke Q School is most economical and fastest way to get up and running if you are thinking about cooking Backyard or Pro.  Time charts for Low & Slow or Hot & Fast, injection/rub recipes are worth the investment alone.  You will not get those in a packed classroom setting.  Watching you build the turn-in boxes is the icing on the cake.  Again, you can go at your own pace 24-7 no matter where you are using my laptop.   Dollar for Dollar, Pit Bulls Up In Smoke Q School is the fastest way to get up and running if you want to learn KCBS style cooking. Again, you and Danny are Grand Champions and thank you for all you did for me over the years.” ~ R. Goldstein
  • “I just wanted to take a minute and say how much your class helped me yesterday. Last year we avg a 150.2857 in brisket and at our first comp after taking your class we shot up and scored a 168.5714. Our brisket has never scored higher than a 153. Definitely was money well worth spending. Thanks for all of your help.  Anyone that wants to check in on this, our team is “82’s BBQ Crew”. ~ Jasen Adam, Danville, IL
  • “WE JUST GOT OUR FIRST GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. Huge thanks to Danny Coogle for the help last night. I called him all the way in Hawaii and he did not hesitate to help! Pit Bulls Up In Smoke BBQ School simply the best!” ~ Jamie Monts, Pitmaster – Berry Patch BBQ, Newberry, SC
  • “Whether you’re an amateur or pro when it comes to BBQ, I highly recommend Pit Bulls Up In Smoke Online BBQ School!  This school has what it takes to put you at the top!” ~ Terry McKay, Head Cook – Git-R-Smoked
  • “As many of you know, or may not know, I have taught BBQ classes from the state of New York to the shores of Jamaica.  I am always looking for ways to improve on my own BBQ cooking expertise.  The online BBQ school of Pit Bulls Up In Smoke is a great concept.  His methods on cooking and preparing meats for competition BBQ are second to none.  I have taken classes from a lot of pitmasters over the years and Danny’s idea of the Online BBQ Class is a great one!  The good part about it is you can go back on-line as much as you need to, you can take it over, and over again.  The spread sheets and recipes that come with the class will surely help everyone from the back yard griller to the top pro.”  ~ Danny Montgomery, Head Cook & Pitmaster – Tuscumbia River Bottom BBQ
  • “Danny’s class is outstanding.  For someone new to the BBQ circuit or needing to fine tune their skills, I highly recommend it.  Best of all you get access to all the content (cook schedules, videos etc) any time you need them.  It has been a great tool for me and looking forward to try Danny’s techniques later this month in Kennesaw.  Thanks for all the help Danny.”  ~ Stacy Wilson, Pitmaster
  • “There is so much great information available in the school! It was also very handy to be able to go back and watch the videos when I reached different points in the cook to remind me exactly how you trimmed, how you injected, how the meat looked when you wrapped, etc. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but this is an amazing resource for guys like me who are really serious about the sport of BBQ, but who may still be working through their processes. Thank you for putting these resources together!” ~ J. Moyers, Pitmaster
  • “Went through the videos of your BBQ School…Great…looking forward to the next Comp…Again great info in BBQ School. I also attended JOS BBQ school spent a hell of lot more money and got much less!”  ~ K. Anderson, Pitmaster


At a backyard event in Cartersville, GA  in 2009, I was bitten by the barbequing bug.  It the very first competition I participated in; I was there strictly for the fun of it. I had a “here for the beer” mentality. Assigned the task of cooking butts for the competition, I quickly threw some things together – and wound up winning 1st Place in Pork for our team.

From there, I was officially hooked and there was no turning back.  After some soul-searching, I received the blessing from my wife and our journey as Pit Bulls “Up In Smoke” began.


Our first year of competition brought us success bringing home six Top 5 finishes and finishing 5th Place out of 250+ teams in the Georgia Barbecue Championship.  We were thrilled with our 2010 competition year stats with it having been our first year ever competing in barbecue.

Our second year brought us one step closer taking home a respectful 4th Place Overall in the Georgia State Championship standings.  With everything streamlined, hours of hard work, practice, and perseverance, we are now hunting that #1 Placement not only in Georgia but in Alabama as well.

We have earned numerous top “5” Placements in all our categories as well as many top “10” and top “5” finishes at competition hitting our first Grand Champion at Columbus, GA this year.  We have taken home a number of Reserve Grand’s but were delighted to hit that “Grand”.

What we are equally proud of winning is the respect – and friendship – of many of the top pro teams on the circuit. Our competitors understand that Pit Bulls “Up In Smoke” is a force to be reckoned with – when our rig pulls into a competition, we are taken seriously.


As a result of our rapid rise in the BBQ world, we have been featured numerous times on BBQ Superstars as well in the BBQ news articles.  We have also expanded into our very own line of award-winning rubs to fine-tune into that mouth-watering barbecue flavor for all your competition categories.  These homemade rubs can be purchased through our website at www.pitbullsupinsmoke.com .

Just to think, it all started with a stick-burner, a pop-up tent, some hickory wood, some soul, a lot of cold sleepless nights and blazing hot days, oh and lets’ not forget…determination!


The idea of our Pit Bulls “Up In Smoke” ®™ BBQ School came about when we discovered there were many teams out there who had questions about their cooks and wanted some guidance from a Pro.  While we were more than obliged to offer some tips, it is impossible to give them the step-by-step guidelines in perfecting a winning cook in the middle of a competition.  Thus, the Pit Bulls “Up In Smoke” ®™ Online Barbecue School was created.


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